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Online Publishing

Make your book available for online distribution in a few easy steps. I use, a sophisticated online publishing tool, to publish books for clients. Once published to your online account, ebooks or print books can be purchased online by whomever you choose - projects can be kept private or made available for public distribution. You can buy as few or as many copies of print books as you want - make and order one for a gift or buy in bulk to sell at conventions or book stores. The sky's the limit!

$75 - ebook + cover (your art or art is supplied)

$100 - paperback or hardcover (no jacket) and one proof*

$125 - hardcover with jacket and one proof*

*Cost of book is determined by number of pages, so proofs of larger books will increase the cost of the project.

Why online publishing?
Online publishing is the easiest way to get your work available to a wide audience. Online publishing is now accessible for anyone, but it requires time and patience to learn the process to format and publish your work. Creating an eye-catching cover requires some graphic design know how, even with the easy to use online tools. For one low price, I can get your work up on line and give you access to your account, saving you time and hassle.

Initial consultation
Tell me about your project and we'll discuss options for publishing. To start your project, I'll need your book in a wordprocessing or PDF file and any artwork you'd like to use for the cover (I can supply cover art on request). There is an extra charge for notepad or other non-formatted file types.

Ebooks for public distribution require a different publishing process than a hardcover you're giving as a gift, so I'll send an agreement that clearly spells out the project, timeline and cost before I begin.

Publishing Process
I've tried several online publishing programs for clients and my current favorite is

First, I set up an account and enter your information as the publisher. You'll retain exlusive access to your account, your files, and of course, your profits from sales. I won't enter your financial info for security reasons, so I'll provide instructions for entering your payment info and changing your password as well as how to navigate your account.

Next, I format the file you provide into the appropriate format for publishing, including chapter headings and contents, pagination, dedications or other specific features.

I'll aquire an ISBN for your project, add it to your project, and upload the file.

You'll send me artwork or direction for a cover and I'll create one according to the required specifications for ebook or paperback. If you're creating a print book, I'll ask for any positive reviews or accolades you might want to add. I will email a draft of the cover before it's uploaded to the project.

If you're creating a paperback or hardcover, I'll have a proof delivered to your address. You'll request any adjustments, and I'll make changes and submit the project. I will send an invoice, and a 50% deposit is required before I send the proof.
Last, I'll send you a link to show your project is available online. Your work will be distributed to several major online retailers, and I'll give you info and tips on marketing - you don't want your work to get lost online. On receipt of full payment I'll give you the login credentials and instructions for navigating your account. Questions via email are always answered free of charge.
Now the fun part - you get to send the link to all your friends, post it on Facebook and Twitter, order (print) copies as gifts or order in bulk to take to bookstores to sell on consignment.

Depending on my workload, I can usually turn a project around in a few weeks at most. Rush jobs can be accomodated.

Get your work out there!