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Get it done right–right now.

You want to revamp your website, social media, or e-marketing presence and bring your business or organization to the next level. You know the internet moves fast and you’re ready to get moving. We establish clear project goals and deadlines to keep us on the same page and save time down the road.

Want to know what to expect when you’re getting a new or updated web site, working on an ebook, or launching a social marketing campaign? Here’s a typical project flow:

Initial consultation

On the first meeting we talk about your current situation, your project needs, and goals. What are your budget and time constraints, target audience, and anticipated results? I can come to you or we can call, email, chat, or video call. I work with clients all over the country and will do what works for you.

Design Draft and Agreement

The second meeting focuses on an overview of the project. I send you an agreement and design draft (if appropriate) so we both have clear expectations about what you’re getting, what you’ll provide (existing copy/pictures, etc.), time frame, and cost. Once you sign the agreement I get to work.

Optional Training

Training is available if you’ll maintain your website. I can personally meet with and train members of your business or organization and/or provide a training manual and/or instructional video. The option you prefer will be in your agreement and the price is included in the project cost.

Final Steps

When your project is finished and meets with your approval it is made live, published, or otherwise sent into the world. I accept payment via check. Venmo, or PayPal.