Recent projects:

New Leaf Historic Consulting
Simple, attractive website for a historic redevelopment firm.
Vi Khi Nao
Fun, unconventional site for acclaimed writer Vi Khi Nao. Site is fully editable by client with a drag-and-drop interface for maximum artistic control.
Almost Real Standups
Almost Real Standups offers custom made life size and over-sized cardboard and plastic cut-outs that make gifts, wedding stand-ins or just to embarrass that special someone. This site is a fully customized Big Commerce e-commerce web store.
Interplay Counseling Services
Interplay Counseling is located in Coralville, IA. This site was redesigned to upgrade its look and be easily edited and maintained by Interplay staff using WordPress technology. The site and corresponding email is fully HIPAA compliant.
Iowa Association of Play Therapy
The Iowa Association of Play Therapy, based in Iowa City, IA, needed an updated website that was user-friendly and informative. They received a short training session and now update their own website and use an email marketing system to email contacts, without the wait or expense of using an outside person to maintain the site.
Iowa PTA
With close to 10,000 members statewide, Iowa PTA needed a site that would communicate effectively and be easily updated. The Joomla software platform this site was built on allows multiple access levels for editing and separate viewing levels for board and public.
In addition to custom designed websites, I also work with a talented team to offer consulting services, social media coaching, e-book publishing, graphic design, database overhauls and registration/data infrastructure, website overhauls and updates and more. Contact me for more information.

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