You need a better website. Or you started a DIY site and learned the hard way it’s not always as easy as the vendors make it seem. Your site is up but you’re not getting traffic. You got hacked and need security now. Your social media presence is underwhelming but you’re overwhelmed with work.

You know you need a hand and it’s time to pick who to work with… So what sets Custom Websites apart from the competition?

Friendly, Professional, Personal Service

We’ve been in this business for almost twenty years. Things are changing, fast, and most small business owners struggle to keep up in this frenzied digital market. If you feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone: most small businesses don’t have the time or staff to launch and maintain a full online marketing campaign.

Other firms may pressure you into plans that are beyond your budget and capacity to keep going. We work with you, at your pace and price point, to deliver solutions that match your specific business and needs. We know how to push a project through a tight deadline, but we also know how to talk through your workflow and market over coffee, how to explain options in terms that won’t give you a headache, and develop a plan that you can realistically maintain or hire help for.

We’re in it for the Long Haul

Good word-of-mouth and long-term clients keep us going so we treat you right. We get to know you and build a relationship. We’re here to answer questions every step of the way, to check in after site creation, and upgrade as you grow.

Small Project? No Problem

Custom Websites works with expert local contractors as needed for each project which lets us keep our overhead down. Good web firms need teams these days to handle design, development and coding, search engine optimization, security, and more. Of course larger firms charge thousands for even simple sites–they have to keep the lights on and pay a robust staff. We work remotely and pull in our people as needed–so we can help everyone who needs it.

Schedule a Consultation

Still not sure? We love to sit down with potential clients and talk though options. Even if we’re not the right fit we aim to leave every person we talk to feeling a little more in-the-know and empowered. Schedule a free consultation and we’ll see if we can make your life easier.